I never knew how delicious apricots were until I made this smoothie! They have this rich sweet, but not too sweet hint of peach overtone flavor. During my efforts to switch up my flavors and nutritional content of my smoothies every now and then, this bad boy came out. And I must say, well worth the effort and try!

Oh and may I just say, basil with green smoothies…. the best invention ever! Who knew this little herb could pack so much punch and delightfulness.

I absolutely love having basil in my smoothies! It makes such a great pairing also with pineapple and pears :).

So enjoy the recipe!

Serves 1-2 (depending on your appetite 😉


3 apricots

2 bananas

1-2 cups of coconut water + meat of coconut

1/2 cup of basil

1 cup of spinach


Add all the leafy greens, coconut water, and coconut meat into the blender and blend until smooth. Then add the remaining ingredients and blend again until smooth. Then say a mini prayer of thanks and gratitude, and take a sip in presence. Enjoy!


Apricot Love1 Apricot Love2 Apricot Love3


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