Have you ever noticed how you feel after eating certain foods? Or ever considered that food has it’s own energy vibration?

As a proud woo-wooer I’ve noticed that eating fruits that have higher energetic properties make me feel awesome when I need it, and calm when I need it. There is also actual scientific research and proof that food is directly linked to mood and how we feel. So when you eat foods that have more energy you will directly have more energy as well. Ever noticed that eating foods like chips, ice cream, soda, and fries may give you a wonderful boost initially but later make you feel like “poo”? While eating fruits & veggies give you a boost and lift in energy and in spirit. After eating fruits and veggies you are able to not only feel lighter, more energetic, and in a better mood, but you also don’t have this horrible crash after eating them.

So the question is what is the food energy that you consume majority of the time? A lot of the time we are on emotional and mood roller-coasters not only because we aren’t following our hearts, but also because we aren’t giving our bodies the proper food energy that we need in order to listen to our souls calling and desires. Everyone definitely is different in their responses to certain foods, and that’s why I encourage you to be a mad-scientist and experiment with what foods make you feel your best by testing different foods for breakfast for a week, different foods for snacks & lunch for a week, and different foods for dinner for a week. By testing what feels good for you and your body you can definitely discover the food energies you need to consume more regularly


Prana is a sanskrit word that means “energy”, and it describes the energy that is all around us – also known as life-force energy (Qi in Chinese philoshophy and medicine). Energy comes from the universe, the air, the earth, the sea, and also the food we eat. It is believed that certain foods are higher in energy source than others by yogi’s and other spiritual leaders. Root vegetables are thought to ground you, while chlorophyll rich foods are thought to lift you up. Now consider the foods that are highly processed, and how they come to be through strenuous and non-natural processing – that differs greatly from the foods that our sprouted from seeds, fall from trees, and grow from the earth. Two totally different energies altogether. So as you go along your journey strive to consume more foods that are straight from the earth and have little processing involved. You will feel better, your body will thank you, and your heart will see more clearly in order to continue giving you loving guiding directions and fulfillment. Another way to help you choose those best foods: when grocery shopping aim to get majority of your foods on the outer aisles (fresh produce and such) versus the inner aisles of packaged foods.


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