Stress has become an unconscious aspect of our lives. We all experience stress and pressure at some point in our lives. Stress can take its toll mentally, physically and emotionally. Although stress isn’t ideal and we can choose to shift out of it at any moment in time.

A small amount of stress is advantageous; too much begins to take its toll
on your wellbeing. Meditation offers both physical and mental relaxation and is a powerful way to ease stress. Meditation allows you to revitalize, recharge, and re-energize your body, mind, and soul.

Meditation has an altogether opposite effect of stress. Apart from giving your mind a positive outlook and a new perspective, meditation puts you in touch with the infinite powers of the universe to provide you access to everything you want. While practicing meditation, your heart rate and breathing slow, blood pressure comes under control, and you make more efficient use of oxygen. Meditation allows you to concentrate silently and allow your mind to stay focused on breathing and body form, rather than the causes of your stress.

While meditation doesn’t require you to have to sit or be a certain way as most of the work is an inner game, you can consider specific factors that may be helpful. Looking for a silent, peaceful place with no distractions can help you get started. You can sit comfortably in an erect posture, with folded legs and closed eyes. This allows unwanted energy to leave through your feet and keeps you focused.

Pay close attention to your breathing, imagining thoughts that will make your breathing rhythmic and calming. Unlike other pharmaceutical solutions, meditation causes no harmful side effects. People with physical limitations might find it easier to practice meditation for relieving stress rather than doing arduous physical workouts or exercises.

Although expert and well-trained individuals can guide you through the art of meditation, it can also be learned through self- practice. It does take a level of obedience from the monkey mind, as well as commitment and dedication. Meditation takes you away from your hectic life’s stresses and puts you in a calm, hushed, inner space of relief. Some people might find it hard and complicated to focus their attention, but with practice, it will get easier.

You can often get instant relief from your stress as your endorphins and good feeling hormones kick in and your parasympathetic nervous system kicks in. However don’t be disappointed if you don’t see immediate results or any type of miracles immediately with meditation. The advantages of meditation are wide-ranging, but to reap the productive and beneficial advantages of meditation, taking time to practice a bit daily in the beginning and cultivating a sense of patience, focus, and willpower will help you in the long run. When you meditate on a regular basis you can and will decrease your stress level and keep your mind free from worry, stress, and anxiety.

I’d love to hear from you! Do you currently meditate? Or are you looking to incorporate more meditation into your daily life? Comment below!


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