Hey Mosaic Souls, today I share on physical pain, energetic blocks, and emotional blockages that can occur during a spiritual awakening. Usually there are 3 aspects of the physical body that come to awaken and they are: the mind, the heart, and the gut. But it can also occur in other various parts of the body. Essentially the energy of who you truly are (your soul) is coming more fully into your human experience and as a result a lot of energy is awakening and being activated in you which then leads to old energy, old conditioning, and old belief patterns that have been there for years to come up. Essentially we’ve been unconsciously holding on to these things and now because of your spiritual awakening or other revelations (spiritual opening or deepening) it’s calling you to let go and release this old energy.

The best thing you can do on your spiritual journey is to bring awareness, acceptance, and compassion to the process because when you resist and hold on it can become worse and even more painful. Physical pain or other symptoms can be cause by other health issues so definitely consult a physician, but if it is an energetic arising I encourage you to meet it with acceptance and allowance so that this intelligent energy of you can do what it needs to do to release and remove the old conditioning that is not you.

This can also be known as kundalini energy. Ultimately its about learning to allow and release resistance to this energy and allow it to speak to you and let you know if there is anything that you need to do to allow it to help you align more. Things like getting rest, self care, meditation, yoga, eating clean, journaling, working with a spiritual teacher, and the like can all help you through this process. Trust the process and your intuition by becoming more present and aware.

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