Hey Mosaic Souls ever ask yourself “Why Am I Not Losing Weight?” Well in this video I share the Top 5 Reasons You Aren’t Losing Weight OR Shedding Fat and a little on how to approach weight loss instead.


The Top 5 Reasons You Can’t Lose Weight

1. You are skipping meals or not eating enough. Causing the body to go into starvation mode and slow down your metabolism and signal to your tissues and cells to hoard fat and calories. Also this skipping of meals causes you to binge eat a whole host of unhealthy foods because your body is desperate for energy.

2. Not Giving your body a chance to Detoxify Properly. When you keep consuming various levels of the SAD Diet you keep reintroducing harmful chemicals and substances to the body which causes it to impair liver, kidney, adrenal, and thyroid function. Which all slow down the body’s ability to release excess fat/ adipose tissue, and increases the livers signal to the body to store excess toxins in the fat cells.

3. Not Resting or Relaxing enough. Science proves that when you are tired from lack of sleep you crave more and your appetite increases.

4. Not Eating Enough Fiber. When we deprive our body of fiber that usually goes hand in hand with depriving it of vital nutrients because the most nutrient dense foods also happen to be the most fiber rich foods. This causes us to decrease the leptin hormone that signals to our brains that we are satisfied and satiated and instead increases our grehlin hormone that tells our brains that we are still hungry even if we’ve just eaten a 700 calorie meal from a fast food place. Because these foods lack vital nutrients and fiber they increase the leptin resistance and often increase our insulin resistance over time which leads to type 2 diabetes.

Also we end up feeding our bad gut bacteria and pathogens that cause us to crave even more bad foods. Think of it this way: if you have to read a label before you buy it reconsider getting some whole and Plant based instead.

5. Not Dealing with emotions or handling stress. This causes us to dramatically increase our cortisol levels which then stimulates the fat and carbohydrate metabolism and leads to an increased appetite and cravings for sweet, salty, and high-fat foods.

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